Hideaway Amongst The Trees

Our Favourite Spot

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It was always our favourite spot on the farm, a perfect little hideaway amongst the trees where you could just switch off, unwind and listen to the birds chorus. 

The perfect spot to make a little retreat for like minded people to enjoy too. Beneath The Branches idea was born! 

Nestled between three old oak trees tucked away on Furzfield Farm in West Sussex. Carefully designed with the trees being the stars of the show. The treehouse is completely unique in its design and build, to fit around the trees without causing any damage or trauma to the wildlife.  

Every angle has been handmade with love, using recycled, sustainable materials where ever possible. 

Beneath The Branches is our favourite place to be, we hope it is yours too!

We look forward to welcoming you soon,

Adam & Imogen

Hideaway Amongst The Trees
Hideaway amongst the trees

Well This is a Magical Fantasy of Joy!

Simon & Rowan

Beneath The Branches