Beneath The Branches

Beneath the Branches romantic treehouse getaway
Hideaway Amongst The Trees

Terms & Conditions

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“Beneath The Branches “ at Furzefield Farm LTD  Terms and Conditions

The Agreement: 

The rental agreement is between the Guest and the Owner (Furzefield Farm LTD) The contract is deemed to have been made once the Guest has paid the full booking amount, resulting in booking confirmation. 


The Guest who makes the booking is deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions will be responsible for all persons included in the booking and should ensure that they are all aware of these Terms & Conditions. Furzefield farm LTD reserves the right to decline any booking or refuse to hand over a key to any person who has not complied with these Terms & Conditions.


To confirm your booking, the booking amount must be paid in full. 


Beneath The Branches at Furzefield Farm LTD permits two guests only.

Arrival/Departure: The property is available for occupation from 3.00 pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 am on day of departure, unless early check in has been arranged and paid for prior to arrival. 

Cold Weather 

During the winter months, if the weather drops below a certain temperature for a consistent period of time, we may need to isolate the outdoor baths to prevent damage and dangerous surfaces. 

Cancellation or Changes by the Guest: 

Once the stay is booked the Guest has entered into a legally binding contract. If the Guest cancels after 48 hours of booking, for whatever reason (including medical and weather related) then no refund of the booking will be due. 

We will however make every effort to reschedule to a suitable alternative date, if a reasonable amount of notice is given. 

It is recommended and expected that the Guest will have or will take out a holiday insurance policy (which includes cancellation insurance covering sickness and unavoidable reasons for cancellation) prior to their stay.


The Guest may only bring such pets as are booked in by the Guest at the time of booking or arranged prior to arrival. Pets must be well-behaved and should not be left unattended in the property.

Guest Responsibility: 

The supervision of dogs and any adults requiring care remains the responsibility of the Guest at all times.

Guests should put all furniture etc back to where it was at the beginning of the rental period.

Guests should not leave any items at the property.

Damage, Loss, Theft:

 Guests agree to inform Owners of any damage or loss however caused, excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during occupation. Guests should not remove any item from the property. The Owner may ask for reasonable replacement costs.

If, in the opinion of the Owner, any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance the contract may be treated by the Owner as discharged and the Owner may repossess the property immediately. The Guest will remain liable for the whole cost of the booking and no refund shall be due.


Guests must allow reasonable access to the property by the Owner for maintenance given reasonable notice.


We celebrate and encourage the wildlife, as this is their natural habitat. Please therefore expect to meet some wildlife, including some spiders, potentially a field mouse, bird, fly, bat, bee, wasp, (ants – some of which fly) or other creature, which may make their way into a property unbeknownst to the Owner. Please bear this in mind before booking and if this is likely to be a problem.If any of these creatures are encountered, please contact the Owner – but only if the creatures are particularly bothering you. The owner cannot be held responsible for wildlife coming into the building. the Owner reserves the right to take no action if they do not consider the existence of the wild life to be a serious threat to health.

Complaints Procedure:

 If a Guest has a complaint it should be submitted to the Owner at the earliest opportunity. No complaints can be accepted unless notified immediately and during the rental period as the Owner should be given an opportunity to make good the reason for the complaint.


 The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the property, its plumbing, gas, electrical services or exceptional weather.

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property, (including pets), vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the Guest or any member of the party during their occupancy.

Cancellation by Owners: 

The Owner reserves the right to refuse any booking and to cancel any bookings already made if the property is unavailable (eg through fire, flood, etc) for any reason whatsoever, subject to a full refund of all monies paid (but no further liability). The Owner shall not be under any other liability if such cancellation occurs.

No Smoking: 

We are a strictly no smoking property. 

Force Majeure:

 The Owner cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, or any other event outside our control.